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Court REMOVES Children From CUSTODY . . . Of Bravo Potomac Housewife KATIE!!


Katie Rost from The Real Housewives Of Potomac had her kids taken by the courts. MTO News just received thus EXPLOSIVE and STUNNING TEA. And we have all the details of this shocking discovery.

According to our top snicth, Katie and her ex husband Dr James Orsinsi have been battling for custody of their three children for months. And the courts have decided to give the kids to her ex.

The exact details surrounding WHY the court decided to TAKE the kids from their mom has not been disclosed. But Katie took to social media yesterday to BLAST the court for their decision. According to Katie - she has not been able to see her kids for nearly two months.


Here is some of the drama that Katie and her ex have been going through.


Katie decided to move out of the Potomac area, and move in with a White guy on a "farm."