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The Canadian couple who bought out a grocery store's entire meat section during  COVID-19 panic buying, now says they fear for their lives, MTO News has learned. 

The couple went to a grocery store in Lake Country, British Columbia last weekend - and in a panic bought up all the meat. Video of the couple's buying leaked on the Internet, and was seen by millions of people. Now the couple contacted local press to tell them that they are receiving death threats due to the community's negative reaction.

The couple attempted to explain their reasons for the selfish buying that cleaned out the Save On Foods meat section last weekend.

"Everybody knows who I am, because I put myself out there, (now) I'm getting death threats and I don't answer the phone so I'm losing business. My own mother is ashamed of me."

He added, "If me and my girlfriend had done this two months ago nobody would say a bloody word. We're getting crucified for buying two carts of meat. We might have gone overboard, but we didn't push people or laugh at anyone."

"I'm not feeling safe, and me and my girlfriend are scared."