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THIRST TRAP!!! Remember KIM From Moesha (Actress Countess Vaughn) . . . Well She's Doing The MOST . . Posting THOTTIE PICS On The Gram!!


Actress Countess Vaughn is single and ready to mingle - and she's letting that be known on her social media pages. She's been posting more and more GRAPHIC pics of herself - and it has some of her fans upset.

Some are calling the pics that she posted "thottie pics."

The former Moesha star has lost a lot of weight. If you were watching Hollywood Divas, you would have seen part of her weight loss journey on the show.

“The audience was in on it the whole time from beginning to end! They saw the surgery, they saw my body swell and then assumed, ‘Oh, she hasn’t done anything’, so it made me understand how people are and gave me tougher skin," she told The Shaderoom. “I feel good! I got a mommy make-over which means I got a full body lipo.”

The response to her new thottie pics? As you can imagine, it was a mixture of hate, vulgar offers, and some support. With her new svelte shape, she's even promoting Flat Tummy Tea on her Instagram page. It's only a matter of time before the Fashion Nova husting begins.

What do you think? Does Countess look great or should she cover it all up?