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Corrections Officer Arrested For S*X w/ Inmate; Posts Twerk Video When Out On Bail!!

A female California corrections officer Tina Gonzalez, 26, is currently in jail for reportedly having sex with an inmate — in full view of 11 other inmates.


But before becoming a corrections officer, Tina was an IG model, MTO News has confirmed. And yesterday she was released on bail - and immediately posted an IG video showing herself twerking with friends.

Here are some images of Tina:

And here's video of Tina bragging out being "out on bail" as she twerks w. her friends:

Fans flocked to Tina's IG page leaving supportive comments like "Free You". Tina replied to many of the comments, thanking her new found followers:


According to police, MTO News learned that Tina even cut a hole in her uniform pants — to make it easier to have sex in Fresno County Jail, her sentencing hearing was held on Tuesday, according to The Fresno Bee.

Her former boss, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas, told the court that he had witnessed many “pretty disgusting things” during his 26-years on the job — but nothing as shocking as hearing of Gonzalez’s sex session in full view of other inmates.

Tina — who quit after being arrested in May last year — also supplied the same inmate with razors, a cell phone and advance warnings when his cell was going to be searched, the reports said.