CORPSE BRIDE: Man Married His DECEASED FIANCE . . . At Her FUNERAL!!! (Video)

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MTO News learned about an UNORTHODOX ceremony that was reportedly held last week. It was a wedding ceremony, where a man married the love of his life . . . who recently DIED.

Not many details of the wedding/funeral have been released - but pics and video of the ceremony are online. In the video, you see the beautiful bride - freshly embalmed and in her casket - wearing a beautiful red dress. Her husband is seen, wearing all white.

Here is the wedding video

And they had a full on ceremony - with bridesmaids and groomsmen and everything.

And while a posthumous wedding may seem strange - it really is quite common.

A posthumous wedding is defined as a marriage in which one of the participating members is deceased. It is legal in France and similar forms are practiced in Sudan and China. Since World War I, France has had hundreds of requests each year, of which many have been accepted.

Here is the wedding video