Coronavirus Nurse Quits After Hospital Refused To Give Protective Mask!!


A nurse on the front lines of the Coronavirus battle in Chicago was forced to quit her job yesterday, MTO News has learned.

The nurse, who goes by the handle Nurse.iv on Instagram, posted a teary-eyed message to her family and friends yesterday on the social media platform. According to her, the hospital where she worked was refusing to give masks to nurses - even ones who were working with coronavirus patients. And so she quit.

She explained, "I went into work, and I was assigned to a COVID [19] patient, inside a dedicated COVID [19] unit [at the hospital]." She added, "None of the nurses in the unit are wearing masks, not even surgical masks."

So the nurse decided to use her own mask, for protection. She explained, "I had my own N95, I told my manager - I know we're short on supplies but let me protect myself."

The nurse was told to remove her mask and she decided to quit her job instead.

With the coronavirus ravaging through the United States, we need every nurse, correct?