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'Coronavirus' DL Hugely Photo'd Eating At Crowded Restaurant!! (Pics)


DL Hugely is out of quarantine, after coming down with the coronavirus MTO News can confirm. And yesterday he was seen with his wife, going out for dinner and talking with fans in Malibu.

Three weeks ago, DL Hughley, 57, passed out on stage, and video of his collapse went viral. Initially, DL and his family believed he was suffering from exhaustion after working and traveling during the week, based on a statement issued by publicist Yvette Shearer. Later, DL learned that he had coronavirus.

In an Instagram post, Hughley said the positive diagnosis came after a battery of tests were performed when he was taken to Nashville's Saint Thomas Hospital after his collapse.

According to DL, he remained in quarantine for two weeks after leaving the hospital. Afterwards, he flew to his family in Los Angeles.

And now that he's corona-free, he's going out in public again.