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Cordae Says He Asked For Permission Before Dropping 'YBN'

Cordae says he asked for permission before he dropped the "ybn" from his name.

"I remember when I dropped YBN. It wasn't a popular thing at the time. I was gettin' killed online. And I got tough skin, like, this just what come with the game. I don't be trippin' off anything," he told Genius. None of the rappers owned the trademark. He told the outlet that they "can't be talkin' to kids about ownership and all of this when we pushin' this brand that we don't even own."

"Obviously, it goes without saying, it ain't nothin' against Nahmir and Jay. Before I came to the conclusion that I was gon' drop the three letters, I called Nahmir and I asked for his blessing. That was what was most important to me, I don't care what anybody else thinks." 


He says he's still cool with YBN Nahmir and Almighty Jay, who have both been quiet since the split.