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WELL . . . Black Does CRACK!! Look At How 29 Year Old Actor CORBIN BLEU . . . Looks Like NOW!!!


Actor Corbin Bleu from the movie High School Musical isn't even 30 yet - and his Black is already starting to crack.

The former Disney star I tied the knot to Sasha Clements in 2016 after meeting the Canadian actress in 2014 at a grocery store in Toronto.

"I am very lucky to have found her, and to be married to her, and that she married me because, look, I’m not an easy person," he told ABC News. "And when I say, 'I’m not an easy person,' I don’t mean as far as how we treat each other. I just mean everything that comes with being me. I’ve always been a very work-driven person and I’ve always been ... in the spotlight."

Bleu is still acting, mostly in stageplays. During the election, he was very vocal in his support for Hillary Clinton.

He cut off his trademark curls a long time ago but has always had a baby-face. Perhaps he had a long night? Considering the fact that he was a Disney kid, he is doing fairly well. Many of them do not make it out of Disney unscathed. Just ask "That's So Raven" actor Orlando Brown.

Look at him now: