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Police were called after rapper Busta Rhymes brought a woman to tears on a plane during a heated exchange over luggage.

The exchange took place on a plane. Both were flying from New York to London in first class. According to the Daily Mail, Busta became "agitated, aggressive and rude" to a married woman who put her luggage in his locker. 

Busta yelled at her, she began to cry, and the police were called.

"He told her to move her stuff immediately. He began shouting and behaving extremely aggressively, and the woman was getting more and more upset, she began crying. As she got more and more tearful, her husband intervened and told him he needn't be so rude to his wife. He said that 'he was upsetting her when she was clearly happy to move her things,'" a witness told the entertainment outlet.

Other passengers tried to intervene to calm the situation down. The Metropolitan Police confirm that they attended the incident but released no further details. Busta was removed from the plane but not arrested.

Was he being aggressive?