The felony gun charge against Young Thug has been dropped and the cops admit that they crashed into his car - and not the other way around.

According to TMZ, The D.A.'s Office revealed that the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence. Thugger's attorney, Michael Goldstein, also confirmed to the breaking news outlet that case is now closed. 

Last August, the headlines reported that Thug had driven into the back of a police car which then triggered the search, but according to TMZ, the D.A.'s Office also admitted to them that the police cruiser that was "unable to stop in time" before it hit Thug's Rolls-Royce.

Goldstein added, "I commend the District Attorney's Office for making the right decision after carefully reviewing the facts and body worn video over the past 9 months. The fact so much time and work went into this decision reinforces trust in our system of justice."