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Actress Constance Wu has denied that she is a "diva" and that she demanded top-billing for the upcoming movie, Hustlers.

"Constance had no knowledge or awareness of acts on her behalf of Hustlers to have reporting mirror that of the film's castings or contractual billings," the rep for Wu told Us Weekly. 

"Representatives associated with her and the film did engage media outlets to correct misrepresentations of the film's characters and castings in the spirit of calibrating credits to accurately reflect the guidelines set forth in standard legal contracts."

The actress stars in the movie alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Lizzo and Keke Palmer.

"We made this film with an incredible spirit of sisterhood and love. Any reports otherwise have felt like an age-old attempt to pit us against each other and knock us down when, in truth, we had the best time making this!" Wu added. "We won't be knocked down. We will continue to share and celebrate this story together, as sisters. Thank you to all the fans for believing in us and supporting this film."