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Online CONSPIRACY Theory Says . . .  Drake May Have Been Behind XXXTENTACION Murder!!


There's a very BIZARRE and most likely FAKE conspiracy theory online - and it's starting to pick up traction. According to some folks - they believe that Drake was somehow behind Xxxtentacion's killing. The tin foil hatters believe that it was some sort of a "blood sacrifice" by Drake.

So what's the evidence? Well they're using the lyrics to Drake's newest song I'm Upset.

Here are some lyrics from Drake's new song I'm Upset:

The Conspiracy theorists point out that Xxxtentacion was shot multiple times - all below the neck.

And Drake later in the song, goes on to say

The conspiracy theorists claim that this is important because XXX was shot multiple times.

Oh, and there's one other piece of evidence. An old Snap from XX himself. Look what XXtentacion posted on social media a few months ago: