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Irish authorities are reportedly investigating Conor McGregor for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in a car outside of a Dublin pub According to the New York Times. 

The Irish Times reported that a "well-known sports figure who is already the subject of a rape inquiry" was under investigation for another assault, but did not name him - but the NY Times named him as the target of the investigation.

The star is already under investigation for an alleged rape that occurred in a Dublin hotel last December. McGregor denies the allegations against him.

"Conor McGregor is frequently the subject of rumors," a publicist for the fighter said in an emailed statement to The Times. "He emphatically denies any report accusing him of sexual assault."

Just weeks ago, the fighting champ made headlines for punching an elderly man who turned down a drink. He later apologized for the unprovoked attack, which was captured on surveillance video.