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MMA champ Conor McGregor is mourning the loss of his aunt -- and he seems to be blaming it on the coronavirus.

"A great day! A proud day, I brought my family with me to the studio. Sitting in the chair about to beam live to all the U.S morning talk shows, I get a phone call telling me that my lovely little auntie Anne had passed away. I couldn’t go live anymore," part of the Instagram post reads.

"My poor little friendly loving auntie. My mother’s sister. This stupid f*cking virus. What the f*ck is happening. I took my family to bull island. Looked out at the sea. Took a deep breath. Thank f*ck! Lord thank you 🙏Stay tight people! We are all we got ❤️ Rest in Peace Anne Moore I love you," he continues.

He advised all of his followers to exercise good hygiene to keep the virus contained.