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Connecticut Man Charged With MURDERING His Wife . . . Police Say He Gave Her A Knife . . . And Then Made Her Engage . . . In A 'FIGHT TO THE DEATH'!!!


Police in Stamford, Connecticut, are investigating one of the strangest homicides in recent history. It involves a husband and wife - fight TO THE DEATH.

The victim, 24-year-old Dionicia Cano Bautista and her daughter reunited with her estranged husband Elmer Gomez Ruano, 32, at his Stamford - after the two had been separated for months.

The next morning, the estranged-then-reunited couple reportedly got into an argument, and that's when police said Elmer killed Dionicia.

According to the arrest warrant, the fight was over an apparent love triangle. During the argument, Dionicia grabbed a knife, and Elmer told her to kill him so she and her new lover would be happy.

She allegedly cut him, and he told her again to just kill him before he was able to get the knife way from her. The warrant says he told her "someone had to die, either him or her," and then grabbed her by the throat and choked her before smothering her with a wet towel for 30 minutes until she stopped breathing.