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Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is making startling claims, about the possibility that rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle's killing - may have been ordered by the FBI.

Congresswoman McKinneyy shared a conspiracy theory with the followers - that suggested Nipsey Hussle's killer was paid by the LAPD to carry out the murder. She also pointed to the secret government program known as COINTELPRO, which was proven to target activists during the civil rights movement.

And the former Congresswoman came with receipts. She linked to an article that sourced an unconfirmed Instagram post claiming that the suspect was ready to come forward with new information about his motivations.

“Eric Holder, the man accused of murdering beloved rapper Nipsey Hussle plead not guilty. However, according to our sources, he plans to confess to the murder and give details about why he did it. Holder is claiming that “the government” hired him to gun down Nipsey in front of his store and promised he would not be caught and a check for $75,000. Well, Holder is not pleased with how his deal went down,” the post read.

Congresswoman McKinneyy has served in Congress for six terms. She also ran for president with Rosa Clemente, a Hip-Hop activist and scholar. Welp, she got people's attention today as she brought up COINTELPRO in the Nipsey Hussle case, saying basically "anything is possible." 

The post was not verified. But if true, this would explain why Eric Holder was so casual about the shooting and didn’t seem very concerned with getting away.