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CONGRATULATIONS!! Rich The Kidd And Tori Brixx Are PREGNANT!!


Rapper Rich The Kidd and Instagram starlet Tori Brixx are expecting their first child together, MTO News has confirmed. We spoke with on eof Tori's friend's who confirmed that the social media BEAUTY is pregnant.

Tori and Rich have been dating now for almost three months. Teh two met when Rich was still MARRIED, and Tori was Rich's side piece. Eventually Rich decided to END HIS MARRIAGE - and made his relationship with Tori official.

Here is the video - showing her baby bump

Rich and Tori made news recently when the pair were the victim of a home invasion in Los Angeles. Both Rich and Tori were beaten, and Tori suffered a laceration on her face.

Tori's friend told MTO News, "They are so lucky that nothing happened to her baby."

Here is the video - showing her baby bump

Word on the street is that Tori SET UP Rich the Kid, and that the home invasion was her PLANNING:

And Rapper, The Game isn't the only person who thinks Rich The Kid was set up by his girlfriend, Tori Brixx, when he was robbed and assaulted last week. Now, the Rich Forever rapper's estranged wife, Antonette Willis, is laying out the same theory. Multiple men are said to have broken into the home and relieved the "Plug Walk" rapper of his valuables. The rapper was hospitalized as a result of the beating.

Willis has broken her silence on the issue and is saying she believes it was in inside job. "I just want this to be known, when I see Tori Brixx I'm beating her ass BC bitch you know you set him up," Willis wrote on Instagram.

Brixx, who has denied she had a hand in the robbery, has since followed up with an explanation of her explanation, while also bringing Rich's wife into the fold.

"I just have every chance you get you running to a blog or the internet especially when you have my number and stay texting me from Google numbers," she wrote on a post on Instagram. "I don't have a problem with you TT unless you try to do some stupid shit like run down then I'm with the shits."

Willis responded, "Mama you don't want that type of problem with me I'm wife you mistress and last time I checked nobody pressed on him damn bitch go heal you worried about me for what???" She also confirmed Rich is doing better.