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CONGRATULATIONS!! Ciara And Russell Wilson Are PREGNANT AGAIN . . . We Got The FIRST PICS!!!


MTO NEWS has some great news to report – Ciara and husband Russell Wilson are PREGNANT AGAIN. That’s right; the couple are expecting a baby.
Ciara and Russell already have two children – Daughter Sienna, and son Future (who is biologically Future’s son).

We’re told that Ciara and Russell are EXTREMELY happy about their new edition. Our insider explained, “Russell is so happy, he’s trying to spend every moment with his pregnant wife.”

It’s been a long journey to happiness for Ciara. Her breakups with both Bow Wow and rapper Future are well documented.

“I think that the one thing that’s important for a man when it comes to love is just timing. And that’s true for men and women. When it comes to love, females… we’re more likely to be more sensitive and allow ourselves to be more vulnerable. Guys, they’re used to being a little more fearful when it comes to love. I think when they decide to open up to love it’s really about timing, and what’s going on in their lives and when they want to. You can’t force anybody to love, they have to want to do that themselves. I think men are very simple. We are way more complicated beings, as females,” she told Noisey back in 2015.

But everything seems to have turned around for her. She has a happy marriage with a man who is obviously in love with her and is a great father figure to both of her children. The new pregnancy might slow down her comeback album, but e don’t think she’ll mind too much. She’s a great mother!