Actress Robin Givens is currently filming with the Atlanta Housewives, MTO News has confirmed. The legendary actress - who lives in Atlanta - will be on the upcoming season of Bravo's hit show.

There were rumors months ago, that Robin would be on the Housewives this season - those rumors have been confirmed. Robin has already begun filming, according to multiple sources connected with the Real Housewives. She will initially be featured on the show as a friend to housewife Kenya Moore.

Kenya and Robin were longtime friends, but the two became extra close after starring alongside each other on the Bounce TV show "Saints & Sinners" last year. Robin is reportedly mentoring Kenya, as she transitions into the world of acting.

Here's a clip of Robin and Kenya on Saints & Sinners:

Robin has already filmed a few scenes with Kenya Moore, and the scenes are expected to make their way into next season of the Atlanta Housewives.

But it's not clear whether Robin will be a "peach" holder (meaning a full-time cast member) or just a fired to the show (part-time cast member).

One producer told MTO News, "It depends. If Robin can bring the drama, she can get a peach. But either way, she's going to be great on the show."

We can't wait.

Here's Robin on Andy Cohen's Watch What's Happening Live earlier this week. They're working to introduce her to the Bravo audience: