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CONFIRMED: Drake Has A Son. . . Named Adonis!! (Pics)


Drake has a secret son named Adonis, MTO News confirmed today.

Platinum selling rapper Drake has been a exposed for having a secret son with Instagram model Sophie Bordeaux.

MTO News broke the story That Sophie was claiming that Drake was her sons father. But today, in a diss track, rival rapper Pusha T confirmed our report.

And as of late last year, Drake and Sophie were on bad terms. With Sophie referring to Drake as a ‘deadbeat’. Look:

Here are pics of Sophie confirming their sons name:

And here are pics of her pushing the boy:


According to reports, which were seen as rumors at the time, Sophie is indeed Drake's baby's mom.

Brussaux is well educated; she is French, is an adult star turned model and appears to own a gallery in her native Bordeaux. 

Last year, Brussaux and Drake were seen getting very comfortable as they enjoyed a romantic dinner in a restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Shortly after, Brussaux told the world that Drake had fathered her son.

The Canadian rapper denied it, and in the Spring of 2017, TMZ obtained a series of nasty text messages between Drake and the curvy model.

The report continues:

In short, Drake demanded that she got an abortion and she refused.

Here is the exchange: “Drake: I want you to have an abortion.Brussaux: I won’t kill my baby simply to indulge, well you sorry.Drake: Indulge me? F*** you.Brussaux: What?Drake: You do know what you are doing right? You think you’re going to get money.”

The bitter feud was followed by threats of lawsuits by Drake’s legal team that explained that a paternity test would take place as soon the baby was born.