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There have been rumors for months that Sean "Diddy" Combs, the 49 year old music mogul is dating Steve Harvey's 21 year old daughter Lori.

Well yesterday, the rumors were confirmed.

Lori was spotted yesterday, hoping out of Daddy's chauffeured $400,000 Mercedes Benz Maybach, to stealthily meet him at Nobu for lunch. 

Diddy, who is very worried about being seen out with Lori, did not accompany her to the restaurant. Instead he pulled up in a Black SUV a few minutes later, and snuck in the back of the restaurant.

While the paparazzi didn't get pics of Diddy at the restaurant, they definitely got pics of Lori.

And it's clear that she was coming out of Diddy's car. Here are pics of Lori, hopping out of her multi-millionaire boyfriend's car:


And here's a pic of Diddy (a few weeks ago) and his driver outside of his car, so that you can see it's the same car Lori came out of:


And yes, we have more receipts proving that was IN FACT Diddy's car she hopped out of. Here's are pics of the license plates (we intentionally cut off some of the numbers, for legal reasons):


Harvey has been described as a “rising star” in the modeling world, breaking out during a 2017 runway walk for Dolce & Gabbana. Since then she has graced the catwalk at several D&G shows.

At just 5’3″ Harvey is at least six inches shorter than most traditional runway models. Despite her petite frame, Harvey has appeared modeled in New York, Milan, and Paris. When asked how she entered the world of high-fashion runway modeling, she told BET that it “literally just happened to me.”