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CONFIRMED: Rapper TI Just CONFIRMED That Actress Lauren London Is PREGNANT . . . And We Got Her Latest PREGNANCY PIC!! (She's GLOWING . . . And SO PRETTY)


Yesterday, Rapper T.I. confirmed the news that broke a few moths ago - Lauren London is PREGNANT, with her second child. TI was giving an interview about why the sequel to his 2006 hit movie ATL has been put on hold, and TI told reporters during a Q&A with Facebook Live Tip explains,

“Ay man, we’re working on it presently. We got a couple obstacles in our way, like my lil sis man – she’s about to have a baby. So, we’re going to have to let her get that time out of her system and when she’s back in New New shape, we’ll be ready to roll.”

Lauren has one son with rapper Lil Wayne.