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Company Sues Kanye West Sued For $20 Million Over Stealing Technology For 'Sunday Service'

Kanye West just can't catch a break -- and he's now being sued for $20 million by a company for allegedly stealing their technology and using it for his Sunday Service.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Kanye is being accused by 'MyChannel, Inc' -- a Black-owned business specializing in video and e-commerce technology -- of verbally agreeing to team up with them and invest millions into their company in return for developing technology for the Christian concert series.

He says that they put in work with the star only for him to ghost them and use the technology anyway.

"The founders of MYC reasonably relied on a series of promises made by Mr. West and other leaders in his organization that for six (6) months convinced them to focus 100 percent of their attention on Kanye and Yeezy, and to invest $7 Million in company resources for good measure. In fact, the MYC founders and other personnel moved for their Pennsylvania headquarters to Yeezy's headquarters (first in California and then in Illinois) and worked full-time for Defendents, all at Mr. West's insistence," the lawsuit reads.

He also vowed to invest $10 million in their company they allege.

They are seeking more than $20 in damages from the presidential candidate.