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A Fort Worth Texas man, who calls himself a community activist is making news this morning, for "snitching" on members of the Crips gang in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

Here is the video of the activist "SNITCHING"

The activist went on Facebook Live yesterday because, according to him, he's "had enough". In an attempt to stop future violence, the man decided to tell the world, and consequently the police, everything he knows about the gangs in the area.

For example, the activist named the people and the gangs that he says are responsible for selling fentanyl in Dallas. According to him, the Fort Worth Crips are actively engaged in the sale of the deadly drug.

And the activist also gave the addresses of some the gang's trap houses- where he claims the fentanyl can be found.

In all, the information that he provided will likely prove invaluable for police in the area.

Now what happens to the activist after this? Who knows. He claims that he has been sent dozens of threats from active members of the Ft Worth Crips in his inbox.

Here is the video of the activist "SNITCHING"