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Common and Angela Rye seemed like a match made in heaven, so when they split last year - many of us were left shook.

But it seems that they may have rekindled their romance - as the couple has been spotted out together.

The pair were spotted at The Potter’s House in Dallas listening to T.D. Jakes’ “Don’t Burn the Baby” sermon while Common was there to promote his new memoir, 'Let Love Have the Last Word'. 

They were also spotted at another church in Harlem, where Common also went to promote his new book.

Common revealed that former First Lady, Michelle Obama has been giving him advice on relationships.

"She has definitely helped talk me through certain moments of relationships... She has given me a lot of wisdom.

"One great thing that she told me... was that you're not gonna get anybody that's perfect, because you're not perfect.... There's some things that you will compromise in choosing that partner, but as long as the core values... that person marks off on that list, you're good."

Was this Michelle Obama's handiwork?