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Comedian MO'Nique May Have MISSED OUT ON Netflix $$$ . . . But She's Still Looking Like A MILLION BUCKS!! (Pics Of Her Looking GORGE)

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Mo’Nique recently told her story, about being offered a LOW BALL figure to do a Netflix comedy special.
While MANY online have criticized her for her ATTITUDE... no one can criticize her for her LOOKS.

She looks absolutely STUNNING.

The controversial comedienne has been caught up in yet another drama. During an interview with the Queens Court, she got into it with host Khia who then refused to take part. Mo'Nique for some reason was recording everything that was going on behind the scenes which further infuriated former rapper Khia... and things got very messy.

She still denies that Netflix ever offered her $3 million to audition. When Mo'Nique shared this glamorous video on her social media, she shared it with the caption "Meet Lulu Smith. She's coming to your Town. Stay Tune. Love y'all 4 real."

Is Mo'Nique finally booked? Is the new look for a new film or television series? She's going to need all the coins she can get her hands on.

According to AJC, the "Precious" star owes the U.S. government $560K in unpaid taxes.

“In 2016, she had a tax lien filed against her for the years ending 2013 and 2014 for a total of $389,904.98. Last fall, the federal government said she was late paying her taxes in 2015 as well to the tune of $170,720.74. So the Oscar-winning actress now owes the U.S. government $560,625.72.”

Mo needs to not turn down half a million dollar deals in the future. But perhaps this is why she was so upset with Netflix's low offer, she's been ballin' out of control, and now the tax man wants what he's owed.

Oh, dear.