Comedian Michael Blackson Offers To Adopt Tekashi 6ix9ine

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50 Cent may have denounced his adopted son, Tekashi 6ix9ine -- but comedian Michael Blackson has said that he will step up to the plate as long as the rapper meets a few of his requirements.

In a leaked DM between the two, 6ix9ine hits up Blackson and writes, "Hey beechn*gga I saw your tweet about me snitching but I had no choice they did me dirty."

Blackson responds, "You just need a good father figure in your life, Sorry 50 Cent abandoned you. I can help but I don't know what to do with a Mexican rainbow dressing n*gga," replied Blackson.

He continued, "I'll be your father if we can delete those tattoos off your face, comb your f*cking hair, you start wearing dashikis and you let me f*ck 3 of them beeches in your last video."

Tekashi is working hard to shake the "snitching" label -- but he may never be able to shake the stigma of being a government snitch.