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Comedian Michael Blackson currently owes Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson $4,500 for money he borrowed while the two were at a strip club on Friday night.

We all know that 50 doesn't play about his money. But Michael seems to think it's all one big joke.

Michael went on social media yesterday bragging about how he doesn't plan to "ever" pay 50 Cent back for the money he loaned him. And then Michael took it a step further - he started making fun of 50 Cent during his comedy routine.

Michael not only re-iterated that he would never pay 50 back his money - but he even made jokes about 50's family members. Michael told the audience, "His father is a quarter...his Aunty is foodstamps."


But 50 doesn't seem to be in a joking mood. He's given Michael a deadline of today to pay up - or else.

And we're pretty sure that Michael doesn't want to find out what "or else" means . . . 

Michael Blackson is the latest person to owe 50 Cent some bread. Now, we see how this ends is nearly all scenarios. 50 Cent attacks someone on social media until they pay up. It's worked on a few people but not all. He's still in a hefty legal battle with Teairra Mari who he claims owes him money. He's also still on Bow Wow's neck about pocketing ones at the strip club.

"I'm shooting this video next to a toilet because you're full of shit," he said. "I thought you was my n***a. I came to the strip club to show love. You dap me, I dap you. We poppin' bottles -- you gave me two bottles of Ace Of Spades. Give me some money, I throw at the stripper. She tell me she's going to swallow my children through her throat. Four days later, you want money back."