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Hangin' With Mr. Cooper comedian Mark Curry has blasted Steve Harvey, accusing him of stealing his comedy act.

"Steve stole my material on his show, so I had a beef on that. When he was on his bullsh*t talk show that he had, he did all of my Halloween material one Halloween," Curry said, referring to Harvey's recently canceled talk show.

"Somebody called me and said, 'Homeboy doing your material.' He did my whole Halloween run, and I know he didn't think of it. This was true stuff that really happened to me," Curry continued. "And my thing was, you didn't have to do that homeboy. Motherf*cker, you made enough money, b*tch ass."

According to Curry, he directly confronted Harvey during the Def Comedy Jam 25, but if we want to know exactly how it went own, we will have to ask Harvey about it.

Harvey has not yet addressed his claims.