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Stand-up comedian and Rel Show co-creator Kevin Barnett has died under mysterious circumstances.

In addition to creating The Real Show, Kevin wrote for Hulu's Broad City and the Cartoon Network's Eric Andre Show. According to reports, Kevin was recently in Mexico - he shared pictures over the weekend from a vacation in Mexico.

Barnett's cause of death has not been released at this time, but he is believed to have died in the Central American country.. 

Already, folks on Twitter are suggesting that Levin's death. may have been a "blood sacrifice." In his book, Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic, a deep dive into hip-hop’s connection to the Illuminati that investigates blood sacrifices, Isaac Weishaupt (a pseudonym inspired by the original Illuminati founder) claims that the Illuminati demands a "blood sacrifice" before initiating a new member into their ranks.

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