Comedian Gary Owen: Tyrese Hates Me!!

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Comedian Gary Owen claims that Tyrese hates him.

"You wanna know who doesn't like me? Tyrese! I tell you, that motherf*cker hates me. We was at LaLa's reality show debut party when she had Full Court Life. We're at the party--I'd met Tyrese before! I thought we was cool," he said.

"So, the girl he was dating at the time, I knew her. So, I go up, I got my hand like this like, 'What's up, man!' This motherf*cker was against the column, had an L.A. Dodger hat on." 

"He goes, 'Ay, man. I'm just real, just real.' I went, 'You're Tyrese.' I was like, did he change his name? And then he goes, 'Ay, man, you be talkin' 'bout me on Twitter.'" 

Owen said that he was not talking about him on Twitter, but then Tyrese took his phone out and showed him the tweets. The comedian said that he was "waiting on Tyrese to give the Decepticons relationship advice so they could get along with the Autobots" and Tyrese didn't think it was funny.