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Comedian Faizon Love & Rapper Cam'ron Have Twitter Battle - Who Won?

Comedian Faizon Love did not appreciate Harlem rapper Cam'ron speaking out in defense of Jay-Z -- and proceeded to gay shame him on social media.

Faizon sat down for an interview recently where he alleged that Jay-Z was a fake drug dealer.

“I know me and Hov haven’t had the best relationship but Faizon don’t know what the f*ck he’s talking bout,” Cam said in response. “Whether legally or illegally n*ggas got to it.”

Faizon then began to post memes of Cam on his Instagram. -- calling him gay.

"Jay Z Jay Z our man !!!! Weeeee Dickset Church_650," one of the posts read which featured several rainbow flags, and Cam posted up with glittery gloves and a cropped bodysuit.

He didn't stop there. He posted several memes of gay Cam, and although Cam did respond, it only seemed to make things worse.

Here's how Cam responded:

Did Faizon take it too far or nah?