A comedian named Brad Williams—who is also a little person—appears to have confessed to and alledged rape during a podcast.

The explosive confession occurred when Brad was on a podcast, telling "funny" stories to the host. 

Brad claims that his friend lured a woman back to his house to have sex. But once the two started getting romantic, he turned off all the lights left the room - and let Brad in to have sex with the girl. 

Brad claims that he started having sex with the girl and it took about 15 minutes before she noticed his short, stubby arms and realized it was the little person comedian instead of the man she actually consented to be romantic with.

Brad seemed to think the story was funny - but his friend realized that the comedian could be in trouble. He nervously tried to get Brad to walk back his comments - but he didn't.

According to reports, the clip resurfaced on social media this week and many took to Twitter to criticize Brad.

One tweeted: "There is nothing F***ING funny about rape no matter who the victim is or the perpetrators. Comedians Brad Williams & Carlos Mencia - the guy who arranged this assault - are an absolute disgrace and they need to blacklisted from the entertainment industry."

"This is f***ing disgusting. Brad Williams is canceled," another posted.

Brad then took to Twitter saying he "owed" his fas an apology.

He admitted it had been a joke to make himself sound funnier on the podcast and he had been "high" when he said it.