90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Colt Johnson will be returning to TLC - starring in a new season of the hit series that made him famous.

According to multiple sources, Colt has been openly dating a woman from Brazil named Jess Caroline for months. The two have been all over Instagram together, looking like a couple — until last week, when all of a sudden the postings stopped. Some are speculating that the two may have broken up.

We spoke with two people in production at TLC, who confirmed to MTO News that Colt has completed filming a new season of 90 Day Fiance - where he's with a new Brazilian woman (presumably Jess).

Here's a pic of the two together:


Colt achieved national fame when his first love story - with Larissa - was shown on the TLC show. It started out when Colt wasn’t having any luck with American women, so he decided to look elsewhere and met Brazilian bombshell Larissa via social media. 

Colt and Larissa both traveled to meet up in Mexico, and Colt proposed after just five days.

Unfortunately for both, their relationship was a mess. Colt was a mama’s boy and Larissa was an abusive woman, so things didn't work out exactly.

Hopefully he'll have better luck with his new Brazilian bombshell.