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College Professor Offers S*X For Grades . . . Girl SNAPS PIC Of Him EXPOSING HIMSELF!!


A college professor is being accused of s*xual impropriety with female students. One woman claims that he offered her s*x in exchange for an A grade. And she claims to have proof.

You see the woman managed to sap a pic of the professor exposing himself - and that image has now gone viral.

Professor Awonusi Olusegun, a professor of English Studies in the University of Lagos, is the professor whose nude pics were allegedly taken by the victim while in his office . He has come forward and denied the allegation, claiming his phone was stolen andhe's being blackmailed..

In an interview with New Telegraph, the Professor explained that the pictures had been taken about four years ago, and that the concerned student had graduated from the university about three years ago.

Awonusi claims that he lost his phone , and that the accuser, who he described as a blackmailer, might have secured the pictures from the lost phone.

He said:

“It is blackmail. The said pictures were taken about four years ago but sometimes ago, I received a message from a particular lady, saying she was in possession of my nude photos and that I should pay her N400,000.

“The lady said if I did not pay the money, she would go public with the photos. I think this is what she had promised.”

Meanwhile, the university, in a statement issued by the Communication Unit of the Corporate Affairs Directorate, acknowledged the news, but promised to conduct thorough investigation and get to the roots of the matter.

“The management has a zero tolerance for allegations pertaining to sexual impropriety, and has a well-established policy against such practices.

“We wish to reassure all our stakeholders, students, parents, members of staff and the general public that management will not treat this matter with levity. Management will tackle the allegation with every sense of responsibility and seriousness that the matter deserves.

The issue would be thoroughly investigated with transparency,” the statement said.

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic

Here is the third pic