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College Grad Goes Viral: I Was Molested . . . Raped . . . Attempted Suicide And A Teen Mom!!


A beautiful woman named Armelle Desir just graduated from the University Of Florida. She received her degree in pre-law. Well she's now going viral. Not just for what she did — but what she disclosed to people online.

You see Armelle - who is of Haitian heritage - has lived a hard life. She's had to overcome a series of DEVASTATING hardships. And Arnelle decided to tell everyone about what she's gone through.

Arnelle posted on social media that she was molested at the age of 11. Then, the college grad told followers that she was raped at 15. Later on, the future grad would attempt suicide.

Finally, Arnelle told fans that she was pregnant at 17, and has a child.

But despite all of that - she still has a college degree from a VERY good school.

Here's the tweet:

She told followers:

As a child my innocence was taken from me from that moment (according to statistics) my future was written out as unpromising, and as I got older it seemed that way, I got pregnant as a teenager, attempted suicide, was homeless, had major surgery, (this is just to name a few) although there were positives in between it just seemed as though no matter how hard I tried to get to this moment something held me back, but one thing for sure every single time I was held back I Unleashed myself and kept going! I didn’t allow my past to stop me! Thank you God for keeping me sane what the enemy meant for bad you turned it for good!