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An Atlanta building which featured a mural of Colin Kaepernick in Atlanta was torn down before the Super Bowl LIII kicked off. 

The mural depicted Kaepernick in a No. 7 Falcons jersey standing alongside Muhammad Ali dressed in a Black Panther costume. The artist, Fabian Williams, who goes by the moniker, Occasional Superstar, shared a post of the building in ruins:

 “I just happened to be driving by when they were doing it and it took a minute for me to mentally recognize that it was happening,” Williams told AJC.

“Symbols matter man. You destroyed the whole building it was on? If I were an interpreter of performance art, what message would you take from that?”

Williams has now set up a GoFundMe Page to create 7 Colin Kaepernick murals during Black History month.

As of Monday morning, he has already raised $9,136 of his $10,000 goal.