COLD BLOODED: Female Rapper YOUNG M.A. Spit In Male Fan's Face . .. Because He Called Her 'THICK' . . . Dang She A SAVAGE For Real!!!


Top female rapper Young M.A. is a savage for real - and a male fan found that out he hard way. Last week, a male fan told the rapper “Damn You Thick” and asked the lesbian rapper for her number, after a performance.

Rapper Young M.A. was not at all impressed. The NY rapper reportedly spit in dude's face and then launched into a tirade.

After spitting lung mucus on dude, Young M.A. reportedly said, "If I did like d**k you couldn’t afford me." The rapper also said that she has plans to also "f*ck his b*tch in some Gucci flip flops" for the derogatory comment he made.

Fellas, let this be a lesson to y'all . . . don't PLAY WITH THAT CHICA!!!