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CLOSE UP Pics Of 51 Yr Old NICOLE MURPHY'S FACE . . . It's Aging FASTER Than Her Body!!


Nicole Murphy looks great - at least her body does. New close up pics of Eddie's ex-wife show her face. And some on social media believe that her face looks appropriate for a woman her age.

The images were taken while she was inside a nail salon. And Nicole had on a face full of makeup.

But whatever you think about her face - her body definitely makes up for it. The 51 year old works out six times a week, and eats properly. And all that hard work paid off. It's amazing just how great she looks. For a woman of ANY AGE.


According to BET, "the Internet has this theory that Nicole’s been hooking up with Nick Cannon." She was on Wendy Williams recently, and Murphy set the record straight. "When asked if she’s dating the actor and rapper, her response was, “No! Nick Cannon and I were only friends. Don’t believe those guys.”

When asked about her ex Michael Strahan, to whom Nicole Murphy was engaged for five years and the engagement right he got her, she said, “We were together for 8 years. We got engaged 2 years in. But guess what, I kept the ring. Yes I did! I deserved that ring!” She also confirmed the two are still good friends.