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Rap legend Lil Kim has been going viral all over social media this morning - for a few reasons. First, the superstar rapper performed at last night's BET Hip Hop Awards show.


And while it is some of the reason why she's trending this morning . . . its only part of it.

The other reason is that new paparazzi pics have been leaked, showing close up images of Lil Kim's nose and the pictures are troubling.

Lil Kim, real name Kimberly Denise Jones, is now known as much for her cosmetic surgeries as she is for her iconic music. Over the years fans have watched Lil Kim who was once very beautiful change both her face and body with multiple cosmetic surgeries and think that the surgical procedures - for the most part -  have all been botched.

But no one knew just how bad her nose was destroyed by these surgeries - until today.

Yesterday Kim was making an appearance in New York. And the paparazzi got a clear shot of Kim's nose. Even though it's covered in heavy makeup, you can still see the scars from her multiple surgeries.

Here are the images that are going viral:


Despite that, Kim was still honored at the awards by none other than Rick Ross...Ross took the stage to perform a medley of his hits, but also to present Lil Kim with the "I Am Hip Hop" lifetime achievement award. AllHipHop got a chance to speak with The Boss on the Sprite green carpet ahead of the show and they asked him to speak some more on what Lil Kim's significance in the rap game. 

While he didn't pinpoint a favorite Lil Kim record, moment, or verse when asked, he responded: 

"Yo, she was the right hand to B.I.G., so I got so many of those. I got so many records, so many verses. And you know B.I.G. was my favorite so, Lil Kim was not just a female, she wasn’t just a black young lady that was incredible. She was a real boss that carried her own weight. After we lost B.I.G. Kim was, and still is significant in the game as ever."