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A Cleveland police officer is being accused of trying to kidnap and molest a 12-year-old girl. According to authorities the little girl was waiting for her school bus, when the officer came by and urinated on the child. The alleged pervert is believed to have filmed the interaction.

The officer Solomon Nhiwatiwa, 34, was charged yesterday  with attempted kidnapping, pandering, obscenity, disseminating material harmful to juveniles, assault, endangering children, child enticement, interfering with custody and public indecency. 

The officer has not yet been fired - but Cleveland officials told MTO News that he has been suspended without pay until the case is concluded.

The details of the alleged assault are disgraceful.

Prosecutors say that the girl was sitting on the sidewalk, waiting to be picked by a school bus. Officer Nhiwatiwa allegedly drove up and tried to entice the girl to get inside his car by asking if she needed a ride to school.

The girl repeatedly refused and prosecutors say that  Officer Nhiwatiwa drove off. But he allegedly returned about one minute later and recorded himself on his cellphone urinating on the girl.

Nhiwatiwa is charged in the indictment with attempted kidnapping with sexual motivation, pandering obscenity involving a minor, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, endangering children, criminal child enticement, public indecency, assault and attempted interference with custody.