Shannon and Shannade Clermont are among the most popular Instagram models in the world. Unfortunately the pair recently had botched facelifts - that left them both looking disfigured.

The twins first gained notoriety when they were cast on season 14 of the WEtv show Bad Girls Club. Since then, the pair became social media phenomenons. They posted beautiful modeling pics from around the world, and amassed millions of followers.

Most of their followers marveled at how beautiful the twins were. Not anymore.

A video of the twins, taken a few days ago leaked. And it shows that Shannon and Shannade had multiple botched facial surgeries. And it left the former beauties looking deformed.

Here's what the beauties used to look like:

And now:


Here's a video:

Shannade Clermont recently plead guilty to identity theft and credit card fraud. She was sentenced to a year in prison - which she will begin serving this summer. Shannade appeared in federal court Manhattan with her twin sister last month, and received the sentence after tearfully expressing remorse and asking for mercy. 

Clermont, 25, appeared in Manhattan federal court with her twin sister, Shannon, by her side, where she received her sentence, the Associated Press reports.

"I take responsibility for my shameful actions," Clermont told U.S. District Judge Naomi Buchwald. "Words can't explain the sorrow I have in my heart." 

Alesi, a real estate broker, died of an accidental overdose from taking cocaine laced with fentanyl, his family reportedly said. He was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Feb. 1, 2017, one day after prosecutors believe Clermont met with him for what they described as a “prostitution date” in a news release issued last year. While Clermont was at Alesi’s home, she stole information from two of his debit cards and later used Alesi’s identity to wire money to herself, prosecutors claimed.