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Claudia Jordan Returns With 'Receipts' To Back Up Medina Islam Abuse Claims

Claudia Jordan is not letting Medina Islam accuse her of lying, and brought out some receipts to back up her claims that he physically abused her during their whirlwind romance.

"Real receipts. Not fake ones," she began in the post.

"He said he's never been an abuser yet here is a restraining order filed against him for hitting a woman in Atlanta in the face with a book in 2003. (There's more violence much more recent- but I'll let her tell it.) "she wrote after listing several other pieces of evidence.

Claudia also claimed that she has "recording when he called me trying to get be back (he did this all the way til November and basically the week before he got his BM pregnant- begging to reconcile and even begged me to go to therapy) where we have a disturbingly casual conversation about me losing weight cause of stress and that I'm hurt physically and emotionally and he doesn't deny My pain. And I say that "I'm a trooper. "I actually feel ill at how far gone and weak I was. Not in a good place! But that's typical of an abuse victim. We rationalize."