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Claudia Jordan: I Was A Witness At Mike Tyson Rape Trial - He DID Rape That Girl!!


Former boxing champion Mike Tyson is having a career resurgence, as he's one of the most popular former athletes in the world.

But TV host and model Claudia Jordan is speaking out - about the dark history of Mike Tyson, as she has first-hand knowledge of Mike Tyson's rape allegations.

Many years ago Claudia, as it turns out, was good friends with Mike's accuser Desiree Washington.

And she shared with Vivica A. Fox on her podcast, the Hustling, about how she became involved in the case.

Claudia was just 18 at the time and she and friend, Desiree Washington, were in Indianapolis to compete in the Miss Black America pageant. 

Desiree called Claudia and told her about the alleged rape. Claudia explained, "As soon as she got on the phone, she was like, 'I went out with Mike Tyson last night and he raped me,'" recalled Jordan. Her parents then got on the line and Washington told them what happened too.

"I put mom on the phone, she's hysterical. Her father cries, his heart is broken," said Jordan. "It was so sad. I had to be the sensible one, I got on the phone, like, 'Okay, have you taken a shower? We gotta come to pick you up.' We picked her up, we took her to the hospital and I could tell, as soon as I saw her, that she was broken."

"I took her, I held her hand while she was having her vaginal examination. They said there was evidence," she added.

And Claudia gave her take on whether Mike was guilty or innocent:

"You hate to see a Black man who came from nothing be ... I can't even say taken down, he took himself down," she continued. "There's evidence, he got on the stand and he said, 'I know I did something wrong but I didn't break no bones, so what's the big deal.'"

Giving credit to Washington, Jordan said she never tried to exploit or profit off the situation with a book or documentary, but added she should do the latter.

"I think she should do one. Her whole family fell apart after this," said Jordan. "So much stuff happened. She had to change her name and move, cut her hair, she changed how she looks so no one would fuck with her. Her life was ruined, her life was ruined in one night."