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City Girls rapper Young Miami was shot at yesterday, and early reports say that the potential assassin was a "jealous' girl.

Young Miami, real name Careesha, was leaving the Circle House Studios in Miami with her boyfriend - hip hop super-producer 808.

According to multiple insiders, who are posting on social media, Careesha - who is currently pregnant - has been having an issue with a very violent Haitian girl and they suspect that the Haitian girl is the one who LIT UP Yung Miami's car last night.

The insiders claim that Careesha and the girl's beef is over "jealousy," but the girl is reportedly associated with the violent ZOE gang of south Florida.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ ... Miami-Dade PD got a call of a shooting early Tuesday morning near Circle House Studios. Yung Miami was in the red Mercedes G-Wagon that took fire, but we're told she was not hit.

Here is a video from the aftermath, where you can see Young Miami's red Mercedes Jeep filled with bullet holes:

After the shooting, Yung Miami and 808 fled the scene, and ran off before police could even question them.

Yung Miami revealed she's pregnant with her second child in June, but it's unclear how far along she is. What's interesting -- just a week ago Kodak Black dissed her in a freestyle from jail and made a detestable comment about her pregnancy.