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City Girls Rapper Yung Miami is in hot water after comments she made on The Breakfast Club were deemed homophobic by viewers.

Yung Miami said that she would not like her son to be gay via Twitter and double down on her statement on the interview.

"I didn’t tweet anything about them. I was just talking about my son. I said if I was anything gay in my son, I would beat him. But that’s just yo mama be like, ‘If you break my table, ima beat the sh*t out of you.’ That doesn’t mean she’s going to beat the sh*t out of you, she just say that. I don’t have nothing against gay people, but I wouldn’t want my son to be gay – just being a mother. I wouldn’t want my son dating the same sex."

Social media were not here for her opinions and roasted her on Twitter, forcing her to make a formal public apology to the LGBT community and others offended by her views.

The post was captioned: "To everyone I may have offended I apologize. We are all one we are all equal I LOVE EVERYBODY❤️❤️❤️ Let’s move on I’m older & wiser now let’s focus on the future and leave the past behind us! Thank you 💕"

Her City Girls partner, JT, was imprisoned this summer for fraud. Yung Miami has been holding it down for the both of them.

"At first first it was hard because we was a fresh group, being like away from JT, I was kind of nervous because people is used to both of us. It still feel like she there because the crowd gives me the energy, they signing her part word for word. At first i was scared, but it’s flowing," she said.

Will the fans accept and forgive her apology?