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City Girls: 'Men Are Threatened By Women Rappers Dominating Right Now'

City Girls sat down with The Breakfast Club, where they revealed that they believe men are threatened because women are "dominating" right now.

"I feel like men is just threatened by the women kinda dominating right now 'cause they so used to being in control of putting women on records," JT said. "And now women are starting to team up and do it without them, so it's like now they got so much to say. Because back then you had to get on a hot song with a man to go No. 1 or even chart, but now women just doing it. They gon' always have something to say."

She continued, "I think it's just like a threat. They wanna say it's trash, it's not good; it's just about sex, sex, sex. But I can't say I'm about to finna go' round shooting nobody's block because I'm not gonna shoot up nobody's block. I'm just gonna talk about how good my p*ssy is or how I feel about myself."