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City Of Atlanta Hosting New 'GENTRIFYING BUS TOURS' . . . They're Bussing 'INVESTORS' Into The Hood . . . And Trying To Get Them To BUY IT ALL UP!! (Details And PICS)

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The government of Atlanta is doing a MASSIVE PUSH towards gentrification. They're hoping that the impoverished areas of the hood can be bought out by investors and developers - who will BUILD IT UP - raise rents - and bring in more tax dollars.

We're not sure we like the idea of it. Anyway, here is what one AT_ALIEN told us:

Did you know that Atlanta has "Gentrification Tours" where a bus full of "Investors" travel to the hoods, to see what will be the "Next" area? I didn't believe it until some friends of mine told me the home they had under contract was on this "Gentrification Tour" and they actually had people walk all throughout the home they were about to move in.

So being that Charesse and I are looking for the "Next" area to invest in ourselves, some of our friends have helped us to recognize some places that are about to come up. So it seems like the "Next" areas are Sylvan Hills, Airtropolis which spans from Camp Creek to Hapeville, the West End and pretty much anything near the Beltline.

I still feel that Candler Road is about to come up in a major way in the next five years though.