R&B singer Ciara is really enjoying her time in Brazil. The gorgeous singer is in the South American City of Rio, celebrating Carnival.

And she was caught by the paparazzi wearing a very revealing bathing suit.

The cameras spotted CiCi posing for pics with a cameraman, and during the pics she nearly had a wardrobe malfunction.

The top part of her bathing suit was so small, that her left boob nearly slipped out.

Her are the pics:


The singer and football player, who are Christians, decided to kneel and pray while in front of Christ the Redeemer, the famous statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

The pictures sparked a heated debate about praying/worshiping a statue.

According to Celebrity Insider, a social media user commented the following below Ciara's photo:

One person made this point: “I’m not saying the bible allows it. I am only stating the bible does not say we CAN’T pray to images or statues that REPRESENT the Lord. We can not worship statues, but we pray TO them because they represent our faith! I am not saying we are supposed to worship them! The bible does not mention that we can’t pray to images of the Lord! But it does say we can’t worship them that’s what I have been trying to say this whole time You always been flyyy. Classy and all that. Stay giving it to em.”

Ciara is a world famous singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. She first burst on the scene in 2004, when she released  the hit   song My Goodies.

Ciara has a celebrity filled family. Her first son is by rapper Future. And her daughter is by current husband, NFL star Russell Wilson.